Current Status in Living and my Job

Girlfriend Falls in love with a Glass Company

12 my life I have worked in many places most of which I did not enjoy much. However when you live in a place like New York City, you end up getting some jobs here and there. Unless you were born with the million dollar trust fund, are rich parents most likely having to have your graffiti days.

It’s ironic because the most enjoyment I had in my life is the times in going up in Brooklyn. I slept and lay in my car with my girlfriend, and we work together to get her a good position. It goes without saying that she was the brain of the relationship. She got a job at a company that was known to be the best glass fabricators of the east coast.

It was a company that designed unique Crystal shaped Windows and skylights that would protect homes in both winter and summer. My girlfriend fell in love with the company and wanted to grow and be a part of it. I don’t know if it was because of the money I’ve because she actually enjoyed the work.

And summer of 2013, the company expanded and They hired professional Glass makers from Europe. At that time that to let my girlfriend go, and that it was that.

I guess the end, all good things do to an end. However we are still together regardless of the hardships we go through in this crazy city.

I highly believe then the fact that everybody has a skill or trade that they are just born to be a little better than the average person. No I do not think I have found our event experienced that skill yet, I look forward to the day that me and my girlfriend will be able to what together in something and we’re both good at.

I’ve given tattoo drawing a try, this is mainly because of my childhood end of verse would trying any me and dragon ball Z cartoons. However I quickly realized that the culture I would get into my vegan tattoo artist was a little too emo for me. No disrespect to the art, is just there yet that I would have to learn and grow and is full of all kinds of weird people.

Maybe I do fall into that category and I just don’t know it.



Now I am a full time marketer for a roofing company in New York. Things have been going roller coaster but I will find my silver lining in this direction of work – I know that for sure!