How We Came Across a Friendly Roofing Company

My journey to Market Online for Blue Collar Workers

As a roofing contractor in New York City, you are bound to face frustration. You are a competing in the midst of hundreds of other contractors who are hungry for the business, unwanted exponential growth to happen as they say “yesterday”.

We have been repairing and replacing roofs and skylights,  while serving the 4 borough states for over Twenty years. Yet we still do not have a substantial base off customers who we can rely on.

The trick to getting clients long-term really comes down 20 device that I got from man SCO company long time ago, this technique was actually called email marketing.

The reason I use” on that statement is because when somebody here’s email marketing in today’s day and time, Sending spam e-mails manually. That is wrong in many measures which I will not get into, however let’s talk about the right way.

The way to do a proper relationship with the customer in today’s internet-based system, is bike keeping out of value giving relationship between you and your customer. You see, when you get the opportunity to do a roof repair for a customer – a lot of roofers think that you are just getting hired to do a simple small job.

The way he one should look at it to really succeed in the long-term, is from the idea that you are getting an opportunity to impress and make somebody’s day. Make them very happy and the whole experience of since they gave you a call be wonderful. Once you are able to do this, you will then have to get them on your email list. After this you will be able to email them once or twice a month about this valuable information that helps that. Just to let yall know, I got all the tips from William, my roofer in bronx ny.

This is not Control for sales pitches per week on how they need to get the entire roof replaced, this is more like really just telling them what’s going on around them, Sharing with them a choke about proving that you came across in Twitter, wishing them happy new years and some festival just passed by.

This will keep them in their minds about your company. And you keep doing this and one day when they’d really am ready for a full of wolf replacement, who do you think they’re going to go with? That who forgot they saw on the billboard whenever call Sam or knows about them – or that roofer that emails them what’s good value once or twice a month and the last time they came in they made today wonderful? That is right, they are going to go with you.

classic roofer marketing poster

Another thing about this experience true killed two birds in one stone will be to make sure that you have systematic way of collecting reviews. Many people go and collect reviews from people that don’t even know, day trying to just fake it or the other people don’t ask for the reviews even when they do a good job.

When to Let go of a Roofer

You’re giving away free reputation right here, you see when you have a good way to gain reviews then you do not really need and if you like a medication management company. The reason for that is because reputation management companies don’t really do anything technical at all. All they unlike SCO have nothing that they do that is very computer-based are needs a lot of knowledge and link building or software. All they do is reach out to the customers which gave you a bad review and try to do a good deal where it’s going to convince them to take off their bad reviews. The other thing they do is go and make a system where every how’s that you’re going serve from now is going to have a much higher chance of living you.


It is super simple for you to do this yourself. All you have to do is make sure that people are satisfied and then just direct them with a link worked text message where you will stand there while he give you five stars – that is the whole transaction.

These are very unique and top-notch ideas that I’m laboring in this article. Only the top roofers and even marketers know these techniques. It will save you hundreds if not easily houses of dollars every month if you can take these ideas into heart.

So let’s talk some more. One of all the other things that I’ve been grateful to find which is bring me a lot of new business as well is Google ad words paper call. This is hole in the system that a lot of people are not taking advantage of.

No most people who use paper click in google, I quickly to realize that the system is skewered and set up and away where you are in no luck. People can call you about just about anything and Google will charge you the butt. Two To however paper call even though all the same rules apply, it will place you’ll farther down in the sales funnel which can make all the difference. If you will are a little for who know your long-term customer value, then you are going to be in great shape to take on this adventure. There’s not enough Space in this article for me to make a whole section about this but I wouldn’t advise anybody to go check it out.