The Best Skylights For Your Roof – 5 Types You Should Know

Types of Skylights

The term skylight or roof window is often used to describe several styles.
Skylights are one of the quickest and easiest ways to make any room of your home lighter and brighter, adding an open and airy feeling. I recently installed them in my girfriends room and she absolutely loves it!open skylight for roofs

Ventilating skylights are excellent for kitchens or bathrooms. In addition to providing extra light, they also open. This overhead ventilation creates an updraft. Ventilated skylights can be operated by several means: Controlled by temperature sensor, Remote control, Electric on/off wall switch, Manual or motorized hand crank. While I was looking for help with how to install the skylights, this website gave me some very useful information

Also you can check out this video for some suggestions when deciding what kind you want installed in your house

Fixed skylights:

are for additional light only. They’re great for attics, bonus rooms or anywhere you want extra illumination without entrance or exhaustion of air. Styles and sizes vary from domes to rectangles. Glass and acrylic or plastic skylights are available.

Tubular skylights

are relatively new on the scene. The small size allows them it to be used in spaces where full-sized skylights cannot. Hallways, bathrooms, even closets can accommodate a tubular skylight.

Glass skylights also have a greater number of optional accessories. These include tempered, laminated or wire glass; shades and blinds and can open fully or partially for ventilation. Domed acrylic skylights are less expensive than glass. The acrylic dome is typically mounted in an aluminum frame, which is in turn mounted on a box called a “curb.”
If the room you want to brighten with the skylight has an open ceiling with no attic space above, you can install the skylight without needing to construct a light shaft. This is by far the simplest installation, and it offers the maximum amount of light and a view of the sky.

For ceilings with an attic space above, a light shaft must be constructed that connects the skylight to the room. Skylight shafts take one of three forms:


The shaft drops vertically from the roof to the ceiling and is the same dimension as the skylight itself. This type is the easiest to construct, but because of its offset angle relative to the skylight, offers the least amount of light.


Angled skylights have the shaft parallel to the pitch on the skylight.  They are also are used to connect two locations that cannot otherwise be aligned. This occurs when the skylight must be installed  between two trusses.

Splayed or pyramid

The ceiling opening is larger than the skylight opening in width, length or both. This type, although a little harder to construct, is the most popular, simply because it allows a smaller skylight to illuminate a larger area.

The glass skylights are far better than the plastic ones. I found out that the best glass skylights are surface-mounted. This is because the flashing, curb, and lens are all manufactured together. They do not have separate moving parts. This makes them less susceptible to leakage and much quieter when it rains. Aside from types, I found that the Velux Skylights are probably the best brand to use. They are so neatly installed and last for quite a long time, which makes me very happy!